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Welcome to JAS-ANZ

is the government-appointed accreditation body for Australia and New Zealand responsible for providing accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) in the fields of certification and inspection. Accreditation by JAS-ANZ demonstrates the competence and independence of these CABs.

JAS-ANZ accredits 72 CABs who in turn certify some 60,000 organisations. Including accreditations and technical assistance projects JAS-ANZ provides services in over 20 countries.

JAS-ANZ is a signatory to a number of bilateral, regional and international agreements. These agreements provide international recognition and acceptance of JAS-ANZ accredited certificates and inspection reports.

JAS-ANZ was established in 1991 by the Australian and New Zealand governments to strengthen the trading relationship between the two countries and with other countries. The Agreement between Australia and New Zealand establishing the Governing Board, Technical Advisory Council and Accreditation Review Board of the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (the JAS-ANZ Treaty) requires JAS-ANZ to operate a joint accreditation system and to deliver on four goals relating to Integrity and Confidence, Trade Support, Linkages, and International Acceptance.

JAS-ANZ is a not for profit, self funding international organisation. It is non-discriminatory, in that it will accept applications from conformity assessment bodies operating anywhere in the world. Accreditation programmes are accessible to all conformity assessment bodies, irrespective of size, location or affiliations, whose operations include activities for which accreditation programmes are currently available.


JAS-ANZ operations are overseen by a Governing Board. The Technical Advisory Council and the Accreditation Review Board allow JAS-ANZ to bring technical expertise and stakeholder involvement to the development of accreditation programmes and the accreditation decision respectively.


The JAS-ANZ Secretariat, located in Canberra, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand, is the administrative arm of the Board. The Secretariat is responsible for administering the accreditation process, coordinating the technical committees associated with the accreditation programmes, providing input into national and international committees and working groups, and the development of new accreditation programmes.

Governing Board

JAS-ANZ operations are overseen by a governing board comprising of ten members, six of whom are appointed by the Australian Government, and three by the New Zealand Government. The Chief Executive of JAS-ANZ is the tenth member.

The JAS-ANZ Symbol

The JAS-ANZ symbol is used by accredited conformity assessment bodies to indicate to prospective purchasers of their services that they meet the requirements of a national accreditation body.

The symbol is also used by organisations to further emphasise that their products, processes or services awarded an endorsed certificate have been provided by a body accredited by a peak national accreditation body.

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