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The goal of the Admissions Board is to select students whose academic background, work experience, leadership abilities and communication skills meet the demands of the Program. The Admissions Board evaluates applicants' potential as future leaders and their projected ability to succeed in and profit from the program. Top
Applications received from the students are checked for the basic eligibility criteria and the eligible students are enrolled into the program under the flexible mode. The applications received from students awaiting final year results or those who do not have the certificates readily for submission, will also be processed and enrolled into the program. However, such students will have to submit the relevant certificates of the qualifications claimed in the application as soon as they are made available to such students. Top
Rejected Applications
If the applicants do not satisfy the eligibility criteria, the applications are returned to them along with all enclosures and the amount paid after deducting Rs.500. Such students are, however, permitted to apply again after they subsequently satisfy the eligibility criteria. The amount once paid is not refundable under any circumstances, except in the case of rejected applications. Top
The applicants are required to pay the fee as indicated in the Fee Schedule. The remittance can be done by way of Demand Draft or Credit Card. Demand Draft should be in favor of "AIMES" payable at VADODARA. For Installment facility/EMI facility please fill the installment facility form. Please note that there will be no reduction in fee even if a student is eligible to claim subject-wise waivers based on prior qualifications.
No Refund :
The amount once paid is not refundable under any circumstances, except in the case of rejected applications.Top
Right to Amend Rules
AIMES reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations wherever considered necessary and appropriate. Such amendments will be intimated to the students. Therefore, this publication and the descriptions contained herein are not to be construed as a contract binding AIMES to any specific policies. Possible changes include, but are not limited to curriculum and course content, passing requirements, eligibility criteria for examinations, fee schedule, refund policy, examination pattern, certification and designation, and such other matters as may be considered relevant. Top
The students are advised to read the following guidelines carefully before completing the Application Form for Enrollment and the Fee Remittance Form.
  • The Application Forms should be filled in Capital Letters.
  • Please respond to all the information sought.
  • Additional sheets may be used, if necessary.
  • Ensure that the Application Forms are signed.

Photocopies of Certificates
  • Self attested Photocopies of certificates regarding date of birth and educational qualifications shall be enclosed with the Application Form for Enrollment.
  • Original Certificates should not be sent.

Grading System
  • A+ : 75% and above
  • A : 65-74.99%
  • B : 55-64.99%
  • C : 50-54.99%

Please ensure that your Application contains the following enclosures.
  • Application Form for Enrollment into the Program (with recent color photograph affixed).
  • Copies of Certificates of Date of Birth and Educational Qualifications/Mark Sheets.
  • Fee Remittance Form.
  • Demand Draft/Credit Card Merchant Slip (wherever applicable) towards the payment.
  • Students have to produce photocopies of any one of the following documents as address proof at the time of enrollment: Latest telephone (BSNL/MTNL) bill, latest electricity bill, latest property tax bill, voter ID card, ration card, passport, driving license, ID card issued by any authorized body with seal.
  • Those students availing the Installment facility/EMI facility are requested to enclose the postdated cheques for the required amount along with the Fee Remittance Form.

The completed Application Forms along with the required enclosures can be submitted or sent by speed post/courier to:

PIN CODE: 390007

Students are advised to take note of the validity date specified on the Application Form for Enrollment and ensure that their Forms reach the Academic head on or before the validity date.
EMI Facility
The initial payment is payable at the time of application by Demand Draft / Credit Card. The EMIs are payable on the 10TH of every month, subsequent to enrollment.
For example, if a student enrolls on April 15, his/her first EMI (amount payable in rupees) will be due on May 10TH. The EMIs should be paid through postdated cheques. The students should enclose the postdated cheques (A/c payee crossed) along with the Fee Remittance Form and the Demand Draft/Credit Card slip for initial payment.
  • Students availing the Installment facility/EMI facility are required to complete the Fee Remittance Form and enclose the Demand Draft and postdated cheques for the required amount.
  • Students should note that only those Application Forms accompanied with the Demand Draft or Credit Card payment slip towards initial payment, and postdated cheques towards the Installment facility/EMI facility, will be considered as valid.
  • Students submitting the postdated cheques should ensure that the postdated cheques should not be dishonored under any circumstances when they are deposited for payment. In the event of dishonor of any cheques, the students and the signatories of such cheques will be liable for prosecution under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 and such other legal actions as may be taken by AIMES.
  • AIMES reserves the right to withdraw the Installment facility/EMI facility for payment of fee at any time.
  • The examination fee is to be paid separately as and when the student is eligible and register for the examinations. The fee is Rs.150 per paper.
  • The payment towards training classes for each Semester is Rs.7500 if paid at the time of enrollment. These classes are conducted four times a week and they are need-based. If the students wish to join the training classes subsequently after their enrollment into the program, they are required to pay Rs.9, 000 for each Semester.
  • Training Classes will be held solely at the discretion of AIMES, subject to a minimum number of students registering for the same. In case it is decided not to hold such classes, the fee paid by the students towards such classes will be refunded. The students will have no claim for refund of any other fee.
  • In the unfortunate event of death of a specified parent/guardian/spouse that is funding the education of the student, the balance of basic fee payable by the student will be waived by AIMES. Hence, such unfortunate students need not discontinue their studies. In the unfortunate event of death of a student during the two year period from the date of enrollment, the basic fee paid by the student will be refunded to the specified parent/guardian/spouse.
  • All students registering in the Program are required to pay the stipulated payment as per schedule. Wherever students have arrears of payment, they will not be permitted to register for the examinations or their examination result will not be released and their mark sheets, pass certificates will not be issued; further such students will be considered as inactive on the rolls of AIMES and their names are liable to be removed from the records.
  • The fee is subject to change from time to time. Students will be informed of the payment revisions through e-mails, electronic newsletters, students’ regulations, etc.

Overseas Students
Students who wish to receive the courseware at their overseas address are required to remit US$75 per semester towards overseas courier charges.
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